How to for: DMX controller 8 Channel light controller

Please note: that this is provided for informational purposes only and you should be careful when working with any kind of electricity, as it can be dangerous if you are not careful. (This project includes high voltage, please use caution)

A while back I purchased a bunch of SSR's from eBay and they have been sitting on a shelf, I recently found a perfect electrical box to house them and wire them up. This will have 8 Relays, that can run lights, this will be used as a dedicated controller for our haunted house, specifically the singing pumpkin. The relays are wired 4 to a plug, each plug can handle 13 amps. This will be more then enough to handle the lights that will be connected.

This project will be using the custom DMX controller that is used in the other relay boards I have posted. These SSR's are activated when 4-6 volts and 11ma are applied , this means that I do not need a ULN buffer chip on the circuit, and the relays can be driven directly from the output of the SX microcontroller. This makes it very easy to build, only 2 chips will be needed on the circuit.

The high voltage wiring is pretty simple on this project. you connect one side of the outlets to the plug, the other side of the outlets, is split in 2 and each out let will be connected to one relay, this is what will let you control 8 lights. Then the other side of the relays is connected together and then connected to the other side of the plug. This completes the circuit once you connect the control board you will be able to activate each relay individually turning lights on and off.

The wiring for the controller board is straight forward as well, Basically each of the output pins goes directly to the positive side of the SSR's and the grounds are all tied together, so when it recieves a DMX signal it turns on the output pin, which in turn, activates the relay, turning on and off the lamp.

What you will need:
1. Electrical Box

2. Custom DMX board

3. DMX cables, 3 power cords

4. 8 Solid state relays

5. 4- outlet boxes, outlets, covers

6. screw terminals

7. Tools, Soldering iron, wire cutters, screw drivers, zip ties, drill

8. Wire and assorted nuts and bolts


Case, Relays, HV wiring:



I Checked all my connections to make sure they were tight, and checked for any possible shorts with a multimeter, finding none, I connected the controller up to power and the computer, and tested all of the outlets, each of them worked perfectly, turning lights on and off when the proper DMX signal was sent. (testing was done using Track skull, and programming will be done using VSA ultimate)

The controller in this project can be applied to other projects as well, it can use used to switch any incandescent lights. So it can be used for singing pumpkins on Halloween, or it can be used to make a larger light show at Christmas



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